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Krystal Emge

Krystal Emge

Senior Financial Consultant

Krystal Emge loves what she does but when asked what she’d be doing if she wasn’t in the financial services industry, she said she’d be a private investigator because she really loves “digging” for details. She feels she’d be a great private investigator because she’s a good listener and attention to detail comes naturally to her. In addition, she is truly interested in people. Fortunately for Island Wealth Management, she found her way into the financial services industry over 30 years ago.

Krystal was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota and grew up in Helena, Montana. Weekends were spent enjoying the great outdoors going fishing, camping and conquering the mountains in Ole Yeller, their quarter ton forestry truck loaded down with the family of 7, plus granny and gramps, a dog or two and a great picnic lunch.

Music is another interest that began early on, learning to play several instruments and enjoying her father and neighbors jamming in the backyards or an occasional gig where the children also got on stage and sang. Someday, Krystal would like to get back to playing either the ukulele or guitar. She also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. She enjoys baking with her daughter but leaves the BBQing to her husband and son.

Krystal began her financial services career specializing in governmental deferred compensation plans in Montana. She lived in Idaho for a few years before another job opportunity made Hawaii her final stop.

Krystal’s ideal clients have very similar values to her own. They are family centered, relationship oriented and often put their children’s needs in front of their own. Krystal enjoys retirement income planning because it provides her an opportunity to collaborate with her clients and develop a plan that can have a meaningful impact on the way they choose to spend their time and money. She gets so much satisfaction when a client realizes that the time they invested in the planning process was time well spent. Often they will comment that they wish they would’ve met us years sooner.

Krystal and her husband, Howard, have two children and reside in East Honolulu. Krystal married Howard Tacub in 1992 and jokes that she must’ve missed the class instructing brides to sign the marriage license with their husband’s last name. She’s been planning on changing it, but just hasn’t gotten around to it – Howard is a very patient man! They have a son and daughter that share their parents passion for the outdoors, sports, food, music and travel.